About us

Sunshine TECH is a technology company specializing in providing IoT technology solutions related to optimizing and improving the quality of life of residents in luxury apartment projects. With that principle, Sunshine TECH is constantly developing and launching solutions such as total solution for smart living, smart home solution, smart parking solution, smart security solution, smart elevator, smart access control solution and more to come. In order to control and ensure the quality of every product and service to each resident and customer, at Sunshine TECH, we strive to listen to our customers, and accordingly, with a team of more than fifty youthful and creative technical engineers led by people who are rich in knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in the field make a complete product of both hardware and software from the stage of designing product ideas, working on prototypes including from hardware design, firmware coding and apps coding to thorough product testing on real models, and finally manufacturing mass-produced finished products at tightly controlled factory.