Provide comprehensive and intelligent security management systems.


Applying the biometric technology to extract facial features, thereby giving the most accurate results for each face. To manage the security of buildings, flats..., the facial recognition system is integrated directly into the security camera system to supervise the information of people entering and leaving. Moreover, the camera system also allows the recognition of multiple faces at the same time. The facial recognition system can be used as a universal key, replacing existing security measures.


The smart lock is mainly used in apartments or offices with high security. To enhance the convenience and security of the smart lock, the fingerprint sensor is a highly appreciated unlocking method recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, the device is also integrated with many different unlocking methods: from keys, passwords to magnetic cards, Bluetooth... that provides users more options for their unlocking. Besides, the device is equipped with a supplementary system of warning light and notification tone to help users quickly identify specific actions when unlocking.


This elevator system is integrated into buildings, apartments ..., and is combined with the facial recognition system for calling the elevator automatically and safely to the floor you live. In addition to the automatic floor calling feature, the smart elevator can be called to the community living area, playground, shopping floors..., by using a magnetic card.


Turnstiles are installed at the entrance/exit areas to supervise information and the number of people entering or exiting. In addition, these turnstiles can also combine with the facial recognition system to control the building security as well as integrate with the smart elevators system to call the elevator automatically and safely. Also,the magnetic card is used for guests without available facial recognition data.


A server will manage and control the whole system: Security cameras, facial recognition system, automatic elevator system, turnstile management system, parking management… Easy to connect and synchronize systems together, support the security management and monitoring of buildings, residentials more convenient. Besides, it helps reduce the management and operation costs of the building, minimizing labor for system operation.