Smart Home

Standard of Modern Home

What is Smart Home?

Adopting modern scientific and technological innovations, we are proud to give our customers the smartest and most convenient living experience. With the Smart Home system, all of your family's electrical devices are operated by a single touch on the phone screen.

Smart Lighting

The entire lighting system in your family will be easily controlled via a phone application, voice control combined with smart scenarios to give you the most convenient and speedy experience.

Smart Air Conditioner

A smart remote can make your current air conditioners smarter. Now, you can smoothly track and regulate the temperature in your apartment by just one touch on the phone.

Smart Curtains System

Waking up with the vitally energetic sunlight in the bedroom. With the intelligent curtain system, you can easily control opening and closing, as well as create scenarios to enjoy life more quickly and conveniently.

Motion Sensor

Modern technologies are applied, such as motion detection, body temperature detection, equipment for meeting the needs of automatic lighting in corridors, warehouses, toilets and some other security needs.

Smart Meter

The smart meter device helps monitor the electronics/ water usage in real-time. The appropriate application on the smart-phone also supports reviewing history with some useful analyses and recommendations.