Smart Air Conditioner

Smarter way to use air conditioner

Touch is Control

Device compatible with most air conditioning systems today help monitor and control air conditioning with just one touch on the phone or with voice control.

“Hey, Google...”

Overcome the rigorous standards of Google and Apple, controlling lights, fans, air conditioner, TV ... are able to be done by voice, via Google virtual assistant, Siri on your phone and smart speakers.


No more worrying when you have to wake up in the mid-night to interact with the air conditioner such as approaching to remote for tuning the room atmosphere, or waiting for the air conditioner to cool the room after a tiring day. With an intuitive interface, easy to set up on the application, the schedule functionality will help you eliminate those inadequacies.


The device not only controls but also records and monitors the parameters of air conditioners such as temperature, humidity, cooling mode, fan speed, ...


All control features can be integrated into smart scenarios easily and quickly on the application. What is more convenient than just touch the "Go home" scenario. And everything will then automatically wake up to serve you. The lights will be on at some desire areas, the heater will turned on to be ready to serve you and the air conditioner will also switched on to cool the room. In addition, the TV will be able to play the song you like as if welcoming you back after a tiring day at work.

How does it work?

Each certain on-market air conditioner has its own communication, such as Home bus, DIII-NET, M-NET ... to communicate with peripherals. We have worked so hard to address the solution and then went designing and manufacturing an electronic device that is able to directly connect to each communication port to fully control and read the current status of the air conditioner. The wifi mesh is also integrated in the device to readily connect to other in-house smart devices which are controlled by the mobile application on smartphones. From the mobile application, you can control, and monitor all air-conditioner activities. Besides, the command-learning feature allows to receive and send IR, RF control signals from the remote, so the device can perfectly replace most of the remote that you ordinarily use for.


Creating wifi mesh connection to other smart devices.
2-way communication: command and monitor the air conditioner.
Support many protocols from many types of air conditioner such as UART, SPI, Home Bus, DIII-NET, M-NET…
Provide API to communicate with other devices such as Home Assistant, HomeKit, MQTT…
Support cloud integration which helps connect to other system.
Easy install, automatically identify and make connections to other air conditioners on market.