Sunshine Group integrates a two-way communication air conditioning control solution connecting all electronics devices within the apartment

Ready to invest a very high amount to develop technology, the integration of the control solution of 2-way communication air conditioning connecting all electronics devices in smart home, Sunshine TECH has been bringing great comfort for residents.

Air conditioning: When benefits come with concerns

In modern living, air conditioner is one of the indispensable equipment in families. Clearly, air conditioning is a very useful invention. This convenient technology product makes people’s lives comfortable, especially on hot summer days or cold winters.

However, besides that advantage, users of air conditioning also have certain concerns. How to use an air conditioner healthy and energy efficient has become a question that many people wonder. Because the air conditioner is used frequently, it consumes the most power in home appliances. According to Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Viet Dung – Director of the Institute of Heat and Refrigeration Science and Technology, Hanoi University of Technology, test results for many types of houses for many years show that the power consumption of 4 months of summer is 20-50% higher than other months; in which air-conditioner accounts for 28-64%, refrigerators account for 6-22%, the rest are other appliances such as TVs, lights, kitchen appliances …

Air conditioner is a must device for every family.

Ms. Hong Ngoc (32 years old, Cau Giay, Hanoi) shared: “My family has young children, after a tired day, I fell asleep and did not adjust the temperature appropriately or turned it off, leading to getting children, sore throats. So at the end of the month, seeing a monthly electric bill was also heartbreaking. ”

Ngoc’s story is not unique, it is a fact that many families are facing. Due to that demand, today, there are many companies producing smart devices in the world that have applied technology of tuning features, making the existing air conditioners more convenient. , more economical and brings significant comfort to users. Some air conditioner manufacturers also integrate remote control technology, automatic adjustment with significant additional cost.

Picture showing the 2-way communication air conditioner in the world.

2-way communication air conditioner: The smart solution for modern life

In the great development of the 4.0 technology revolution, smart homes become a worldwide trend. In Vietnam, Sunshine Group is one of the pioneering developers in the application of technology in real estate. With the goal of creating quality works, Sunshine Group takes meticulous attention to the smallest details. Understanding the concerns of residents in using air conditioners, Sunshine Group has researched and integrated a two-way communication air conditioner control solution connecting all electronics devices within the apartment.

Usually the common air conditioner solutions can only control one way. That is, the user demands the air conditioner to execute without knowing the current condition of the air conditioner. The owner can use the on/off control, adjust the desired temperature and air conditioner follow that control command.

As for solutions to control air conditioning implementation without knowing the current status of this device, the owner can use the on / off control, adjust the desired temperature and air conditioning according to that control command. 2-way communication of Sunshine TECH, in addition to controlling air conditioning, it is also possible to read the status, know the exact information about the current operation, temperature and humidity of the air conditioner. These parameters will be displayed on the user’s mobile phone through the Sunshine App. When knowing these indicators, users will adjust the temperature more appropriately, ensure energy savings without affecting health and keep the air conditioner more durable.

One of the top advantages of the intelligent two-way communication air conditioner control solution is the remote status of air conditioners via the App Sunshine Smart home app on the phone. With this technology, you will not have to worry about leaving home without having to remember whether or not you have turned off the air conditioner, or for families with young children who often control and turn on the air conditioning. degrees … Immediately, the on/off status of the air conditioner will be notified to the user’s phone to promptly adjust. The convenience that helps you better control, avoid wasting electricity.

The airconditioner status is updated immediately on App when interacting with the remote controller.

Two-way communication smart air conditioner also allows users to set up a scenario that best suits the needs and habits of the family. You can set the timer to turn on / off, set a schedule for the increase in room temperature from night to morning so that the owner can sleep well, stay healthy. This way, you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature, affecting the quality of sleep.

In terms of economic benefits, this smart device adjusts the temperature appropriately from time to time, can measure temperature, humidity independently of air conditioning, thus saving energy. Homeowners will no longer have headaches because of their monthly electricity bill.

Smart home from Sunshine TECH allows connecting all devices by just some very simple touches.

Another advantage of a 2-way air conditioner comes from the remote controller. With the command learning feature on the Remote controller, Sunshine Smart Home application will help homeowners manage all devices such as TVs, fans, blinds, air conditioners … via mobile applications without having to use a series of conventional manual controls. With Sunshine TECH smart home, homeowners can easily control by applications on the phone or by voice via virtual assistant. So, life has become so convenient again!

“Integrating the solution right from the design of the apartment of Sunshine Group developer will help residents have more and more available and diversified utilities. The thing that very few developers dare to do at the moment, even the rich, when having money, even if it is expensive, it is not necessarily integrated. ” – Sunshine Group representative shared.